know us

Palivia emerged as a science fair project and from then on developed as a business idea. At the fair, a recipe for a medicinal alcohol was presented, which was my grandmother's and we modified it to present it as a final project. Looking for a name for the project, we combined the word “alivia” and my name “Paola” and from there Palivia emerged. The people who used the alcohol felt improvements in their pain and this led us to believe even more in the product so that more people could benefit from it. We entered a business development program at the QuebradaCoop cooperative located in Camuy. They provided us with accessories to establish the business idea and develop it. Palivia began to form little by little, we extended our line of products from soaps, creams, aromatic salts, among others. People saw Palivia as an alternative to relieve their pain without the need to resort to chemical medications. Palivia's long-term vision is to be a local company recognized by the people and promote the importance of agriculture. From day one Palivia has become the people's remedy. Today we have online sales and we have locations in different towns where you can purchase the line of soaps in pharmacies. Our mission as a local company is to promote natural medicine to relieve ailments and improve people's quality of life.