Frequent questions

Which is the method of payment?

Our payment method at the moment is PayPal, credit card and Apple Pay.

What formats are digital files?

These formats are in SVG, so that when downloading you can use them in the different design programs.

What would be the contact method?

You can communicate via Gmail, messenger, WhatsApp, phone. You can also contact us here

What would be the delivery or shipping method?

The Puerto Rico Postal Service (USPS), the average delivery time will be between 4-6 business days. Deliveries will be made only in Lares Puerto Rico, with an agreement between the client and Nero Illusion.

Do you offer next day or 2 day shipping option? What day are packages sent?

Due to our work process and the way we customize each order, the fastest delivery option available is 4-6 business days. Shipments will be made on Fridays.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently shipments are made to Puerto Rico and the United States.

What is the Design process?

The designs will be made through communication between the client and Nero Illusion. All designs are completely made by us and ideas from us. We are always willing to do it with excellence so that your brand or design is exalted.